What We Do ?

Gozippy Trips has honed the art of unlocking complex travel for more than two decades and is known for providing professional, yet personalized, solutions for the business traveler.
Our clients’ needs vary significantly, and we are committed to being flexible, adaptable and versatile in our service offerings. By cultivating this spirit of innovation, Gozippy delivers creative solutions that are customized for each client. Doing what we do best, our goal is to provide a value-driven, traveller-centric service that allows our clients to do what they do best: focus on the “business” of their business trip.
We manage our business through strategic servicing hubs located Bangalore. The offer customers a point of contact at the local level, with teams that know the area and can work to provide customized travel solutions while leveraging our global operations in support of our clients.

Gozippy Trips

Gozippy Trips specializes in offshore, marine and high-profile corporate travel. With wholly managed regional hubs in India, we are experts in helping our clients navigate challenging business travel.