Companies put their trust in Gozippy every day because of these distinct advantages:

A commitment to hands-on service with an after-hours emergency center staffed by experienced employees that provide 24/7/365 intelligent and skilled support

An uncompromising determination to maintain wholly owned operations as we continue to expand, ensuring we deliver one company, one relationship and one experience everywhere

An unmatched quality management system that provides effective structure to our incident response with immediate corrective measures, through root cause analysis and, most importantly, preventative measures to avoid reoccurrence

Tracking our own performance as well as the performance of all other suppliers: hotels, car hires, ground transportation and rail, resulting in enhanced supply chain visibility for travel managers as they oversee contract performance

And, finally, our loyal clients will confirm that our people truly do make a difference with years of hands-on field experience – especially resourceful in addressing challenging conditions and emerging market needs


A company’s culture is the hallmark of its behaviors and beliefs. Our culture rests of four principles:

Camaraderie – employees respect each other like family and work as a team to ensure our travellers and travel managers receive the highest level of customer service.

Expertise – We want our clients to look to us for advice and counsel. Because we’re not just any travel agency; we’re Gozippy and we can get you there.

Entrepreneurship – Tenacity, creativity and vision all represent the spirit of the kind of person who works for Gozippytrips. Coming up with solutions is what we do – let us do it for you.

Professionalism – We do what is right for our clients with a commitment to respect and customer service. This same respect is extended to our suppliers.


Our people are the source of our strength and we are proud of the diversity of our workforce. With offices, we have men and women of many nationalities and backgrounds, working together and sharing common goals. In fact we feel that the differing perspectives that are borne out of our employees’ varied and rich backgrounds help us to be more open-minded in all aspects of our business, fostering additional innovation that gives us a competitive edge.
Gozippy is committed to workforce diversity and providing additional training to all its employees who seek professional development. As a company we encourage fair employment practices and offer equal opportunities to all our employees. And, where possible, we take family considerations into account in decisions we make regarding personnel matters, especially with overseas assignments.
As we expand our presence across the globe, we are committed to employing local talent which further diversifies our workforce and, in turn, supports the needs of the local community. One of our key differentials in business is having the ability to provide local expertise in remote regions. As our clients push the boundaries of exploration further, we will continue to go with them and we will gather diverse and valuable talent along the way, adding to our value proposition.

Gozippy Trips

Gozippy Trips specializes in offshore, marine and high-profile corporate travel. With wholly managed regional hubs in India, we are experts in helping our clients navigate challenging business travel.